Teaching Styles, Cultures And Circumstances Of Meeting The Diverse Needs Of My Students?

Teaching Styles, Cultures And Circumstances Of Meeting The Diverse Needs Of My Students?

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 How do I Allow for Variable Styles, Cultures and Circumstances in Meeting the Diverse Needs of my Students?
As I stated before it is important to have as many teaching styles as there are learning styles. Teachers should be able to include all of the students learning styles in their teaching process. After the students have taken their diagnostics and we have set their goals, the next step will be to find out their needs and wants. Before I begin a new lesson I will review what they are supposed to know so that way we can more forward successfully, and if they student don’t know what they should know I will revisit it before the new lesson so that the students are able to understand the new lesson. My lesson plans will be fit and personalized for my class, and I will have notes for the “gifted students”. As I stated before my student must be proactive because my lesson will be driven for them to be active. My students will have a chance to share their cultures and backgrounds with the class, as it makes them feel comfortable with each other and broaden the horizons of other cultu...

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