Essay about Teaching Styles And The Teaching Perspective

Essay about Teaching Styles And The Teaching Perspective

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The Five Teaching Perspectives accurately describe the different teaching styles and the Teaching Perspective Profile Test can be used to illustrate a person’s unique teaching style. Taking the Teacher Perspective Profile test was very new to me. I am new to the world of adult education and therefore, it was difficult for me to answer some of the questions because they were so new and unfamiliar to me. However, I imagined myself in a specific teaching context and tried to answer the questions. I imagined that I was teaching piano to a group of students and I felt I was able to better answer the questions when I put myself in a specific situation. With this context in mind, my dominant perspective was the nurturing perspective. The other perspectives from highest score to lowest score were Transmission, Social Reform, Developmental, and Apprenticeship. According to Hewett et al. (2002) “The nurturing perspective in adult and higher education is based on the concept of self-efficacy. In many ways, nurturing may be regarded as providing a safe environment where a student can learn through the product of one 's own strength, desire, and resources. In addition, nurturing students ' ability to see their potential infers a caring attitude and concern for the individual” (p. 17).

To be honest, I never thought that I would score high in the nurturing perspective because I had the perception that the nurturing perspective was slightly feminine and for those who are highly emotional. However, when I read more about the perspective, it made sense that I fit under this category. About those who have a nurturing perspective, Pratt explains “…..instructors encourage their efforts while challenging students to do their very best by promoting a ...

... middle of paper ...

...a specific topic which is outside their piano lesson, I will look for resources for them.


Hewette (2002) explains “the nurturing educator works with other issues…in different contexts and different age groups, but the underlying attributes and concerns remain the same. Learners’ efficacy and self-esteem issues become the ultimate criteria against which learning success is measured, rather than performance-related mastery of a content body” (p.17). I agree with this statement and although I never thought about it before, this is exactly how I approach teaching my students.

Overall, the teaching perspective interpretation survey allowed me as a learner and a teacher to enhance my knowledge of the way I teach and how I teach it. It gave me information which I could relate to but ultimately allowed me to have a better understanding of what and how I teach.

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