Essay on Teaching Styles And Methods Help Foster Better Learning Communities

Essay on Teaching Styles And Methods Help Foster Better Learning Communities

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Where education philosophy is headed
There has been a lot growth in types of schools that are offered to children. One of the newest ideas is called a free school. With the growing number of open minded adults wanting to foster a more creative community, schools have begun adopting similar attitudes. There are free schools around the nation that help kids become more creative and embrace their imagination, this reminded me of Piaget. Piaget touches on this topic, “As he said in the interview, “You cannot teach concepts verbally; you must use a method founded on activity.” He favored education based on cognitive processes rather than cognitive products.” (Hopkins, 2011). Educators and schools keep developing new teaching styles and methods to help foster better learning communities.
These schools are not focused on learning the basics, which some view as hindering to the imagination. The idea of having schools for different types of people and their values is great, I may not share in the same values, but it is important that all types of people are represented. The more representation the more comfortable students feel. This is one way that politicians, educators, and citizens can make people feel welcome and valued.
There are so many ways that teachers can positively influence their students. When I start teaching full time I will be sure to pay attention to how my students feel and think. Children are smart and though it may not seem as if they understand or know what is going on in society, they react to it just as adults do. It is important we teach students about these issues so that they know how to behave and treat others because social justice will always exist and all students deserve support. I will learn about how my...

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...e as liberal an education as possible” (Perry, C., & Morgan, D. 1958). One thing I have learned to appreciate about American education and culture is how involved people are able to be. I like being able to help out at my children’s school. It is comforting knowing that people can vote on certain practices and methods in school. I think there are good things and bad things to be said about the education system, but progress should always be a goal.
I have learned a lot about American education in philosophy and theory. Some of the practices are discussed, while others have been enacted. This course has taught me that there is still much progress to be made in American education. My feelings have been validated because much of my concern with education has been addressed. It is a positive feeling to know that problems are being solved and progress is being made.

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