Teaching Students With Special Needs Series By Allyn And Bacon Provide Education Videos

Teaching Students With Special Needs Series By Allyn And Bacon Provide Education Videos

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Teaching students with special needs series by Allyn and Bacon provide education videos. This video is the “Individual Education Plan” also known as the IEP. This is a staged IEP meeting to determine if the student meets the eligibility criteria to be provided services under an IEP plan. The people that are in attendance at this meeting are: the principle, RSP instructor, collaborative teacher, school psychologist, 5th grade-referring teacher, Mrs. Diehl and the student Doug. Each of the educational professionals in the meeting introduces themselves. After the introductions, the testing results are provided to the parent and student.
When the test results are being read, the camera pans over towards Doug. It is clear from his body movements and rubbing of his face that he is uncomfortable as well as possibly experiencing some anxiety through this process. However, as the referring teacher begins to highlight Doug’s strengths there is a change in his disposition. He is smiling and seems to feel more comfortable in this setting.
The details are provided. Doug is said to be a 7th grad...

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