Essay on Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD)

Essay on Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD)

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Special educators of students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) must exhibit a high level of patience in the classroom. Teacher behavior is a contributing factor to students' behavior whether positive or negative. As classroom managers, teachers are best suited to handle students with EBD when they have adequate educational training, a proper comprehension of the behavior disorders, and the characteristics of each for students with EBD. Teachers with lower educational levels have more severe observed behavioral problems for students in their classroom than those with higher educational levels (Stormont, Reinke, & Herman, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a thorough understanding of individual behavior disorders, including attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, emotional disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Additionally, this paper is prosed to summarize key characteristics and explain essential components of the aforementioned disorders, addressing the definition, prevalence, classification, causal factors, prevention, assessment, intervention, and educational needs for each disorder.
Attention deficit disorder (ADD) can be defined as the inability to control one's attention at an appropriate developmental level. Students with ADD often have difficulty organizing tasks and activities, are often easily distracted by extraneous stimulants, and often avoid dislikes, or are reluctant to engage in assignments that require sustained mental effort such as school assignments or homework. ADD is commonly accompanied by hyperactivity disorder which is defined as impulsive and /or hyperactive behaviors that are maladaptive and inconsistent with appropriate ...

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...y of mental health disorders in a sample of elementary school students receiving special educational services for behavioral difficulties. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 49(12), 769-775.
Hallahan, D. P., Kauffman, J. M., & Pullen, P. C. (2009). Learners with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. In V. Lanigan, A. Reilly, & G. Erb (Eds.), Exceptional Learners: An Introduction to Special Education (pp. 264-297). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
Kauffman, J. M., & Landrum, T. J. (2013). Attention and Activity Disorders and Conduct Disorder. In S. D. Dragin & M. B. Finch (Eds.), Characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders of Children and Youth (pp. 180-270). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
Stormont, M., Reinke, W., & Herman, K. (2011). Teachers' characteristics and ratings for evidence-based behavioral interventions. Behavioral Disorders, 37(1), 19-29.

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