Essay on Teaching Students How to Read

Essay on Teaching Students How to Read

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Teaching Students how to read

Learning to read is an on going process. Aesthetic and Efferent reading are the two types of reading a student can do. Aesthetic reading is when people read for their own enjoyment and to make their own visuals and interpretations in their head. Efferent reading is when students read for a specific purpose, for example finding the answer to a test in their textbook. With both types of reading, there are many steps a student has to be made aware of as they are learning. There are five increments of reading before a student becomes fluent. They have to go through the process of pre reading, reading, responding, exploring, and applying. As the reading process is being taught, it is essential to focus on phonics, phonemic awareness, oral language, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Focusing on those things, helps a reader get to the final stage they need to be at.

When students are beginning to read they go through the pre reading stage. That is the stage before a student can read on their own. It is where they start to gain information about a book. It is also when a student can tell why they are going to read. In this stage they begin to look through the book and think of what they think it might be about. Once a student learns to examine the book they move onto actually reading their book.

When they are reading the book, they have different ways to participate. The whole class can have a copy of a book and look at it as the teacher reads. That is called shared reading. Students can be guided as they are reading through this. When they are being guided, they are broken into groups and a teacher walks around to help the children when they may be struggling. Students are...

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...dent ability to retain the information they have read. When a student is a fluent reader they can read in a timely manner and with accuracy. When a child can stop at periods and begin sentences where there is a capital letter they are using fluency. Also if they can place emphasis on a sentence give the punctuation mark. Fluency helps in reading because the reader should be able to tell what a word is and know what it means. If a student rereads a story they can practice fluency and become better at it. A teacher can also be the guidance and model when developing a fluent reader. If the teacher does the demonstrating, a student could follow along and eventually learn to become fluent. Fluency can be developed in reading once a student has caught on to phonics, phonemic awareness, oral language, vocabulary, and comprehension.( Learning Point Associates, 2004, pg 18)

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