Teaching Strategies For High School Suspensions Essay

Teaching Strategies For High School Suspensions Essay

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An Effective but Exhausting Alternative to
High-School Suspensions

Systematic change among educational leaders includes the examination of effectiveness of many cogs in an organizations’ wheel. Improving all of these small pieces, which come together to make a whole organization, is imperative in improving effective teaching strategies and student learning and achievement in the education system. Educational leadership, school culture, mission, vision, discipline, appropriate professional development, and curriculum encompass just a few of these cogs necessary for appropriate and positive change.
One highly important cog, and what needs immediate and radical change, include the policies and procedures surrounding student discipline models and their effectiveness. As an educational leader, close examination of the policy expectations of your school district related to student discipline and the procedural steps currently in place in your building greatly impact the emotional and academic success of your students. New York Times Magazine’s Susan Dominus authored a current article regarding the traditional forms of discipline in schools today, and how those norms often lead to more trouble for the student. In her article, “An Effective but Exhausting Alternative to High-School Suspensions”, Dominus shares a story of a heated dispute between a social-studies teacher and a 17-year-old student who violated the cell phone policy. The student was infuriated by the way he was spoken to, the article states, so he yelled at the teacher. To which end, the teacher contacted one of the school’s four deans in charge discipline in order to diffuse the situation, calm him, and discuss the situation. After the confrontation, the stude...

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... change mindsets. Dominus’ article (2016) states that, we must be careful how “deeply race penetrates all of our actions, whether we are conscious or not, it’s not to say we can let kids get away with disrespecting teachers, but there is always a reason. And if you can remember that, it helps you stay calm.” (p. 9) Most students want to succeed and improve their behaviors, most want to graduate, but through this article, restorative justice provided a positive discipline approach, which fosters relationships and respect in contrast to alienation from the educational setting. Building relationships in imperative between teachers and students of all races and genders, and if a student does not feel respected by leadership, they will not produce at their highest potential; therefore discipline practices that foster respect should be established to bring about change.

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