Teaching Strategies For Direct Instruction Essay

Teaching Strategies For Direct Instruction Essay

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Teaching Strategies for Direct Instruction

When planning a lesson a teacher must choose the appropriate instructional strategy to reach the specific learning outcomes. The Direct Instruction model is appropriate for two types of learning outcomes. Type 1, facts, rules, and action sequences, represents the lower levels of learning of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Type 1 includes knowledge, comprehension, and application. Type 2, concept, patterns, and relationships, represents the higher levels of learning of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Type 2 includes analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. During direct instruction, the teacher is the main provider of information. The teacher provides information through a presentation method or through a recitation method that includes explanations, examples, and time for students to practice what they are learning with the teacher giving appropriate feedback to correct mistakes rapidly before moving on to the next step. During the presentation or recitation of information, the teacher is instructing the entire class together as a whole. Direct instruction is not usually used for small group instruction. The direct instruction model focuses on students acquiring a specific, predetermined set of rules, facts, and action sequences. Direct instruction model moves rapidly and is highly organized allowing the teacher to have complete control to decide to continue to the next step or rule or to step back and reteach the same step or rule. Direct instruction, when used appropriately and with appropriate material, lends to acquisition of skills successfully.
When organizing the content in a direct instruction lesson start by clearly stating the goals and objectives. The goals and objectives should focus on one f...

... middle of paper ...

...lp other students when they are successful.
The bottom line is direct instruction is used for a very specific learning outcome. The information is given by the teacher in small steps to ensure each student understands each step before moving on to the next step in a rapid form that requires students to be attentive in the learning process to ensure mastery of the skill. Student must be motivated to learn, therefore stating the goals and the objectives clearly at the start of the lesson is imperative. Direct instruction proves to be a useful teaching strategy when used for the appropriate content and when used correctly to present the content.

Discussion Question: Think about the grade level you most desire to teach. What subject would you use the direct instruction model in and why? Additionally, how would you use this model to benefit your students the most?

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