Teaching Strategies For Children With Disabilities Essay example

Teaching Strategies For Children With Disabilities Essay example

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In the past people with a disability were not accepted they were discriminated and treated horribly. It is not until the late 1960’s when people took action and federal laws approached the needs of people with a disability. In our world today disabled citizens confront many issues in overcoming challenges presented to them in their personal lives such as being accepted.
As a matter of fact, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in 1973 prohibited discrimination against anyone with disabilities in any federal or state funded social and health programs. Four years later congress included schools as well. This act required that a person with disabilities had the same and equal access to funded programs. This act is important for students with disabilities and their families as it guarantees “equal access” to educational programs and activities. A student cannot be excluded from classes or extracurricular activities because of his or her disability. Schools made accommodations for them in order to have them participate in coursework and even extracurricular activities. For example, they made some changes in the assignments, teaching strategies and environment. It also protected parents and prospective parents with disabilities from unlawful discrimination in the administration of child welfare programs, activities and services.
As well as, the Public Law 94-12: The Education of All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 was the first public law describing the educational rights of children with disabilities. Congress held that all children with disabilities have a right to a free appropriate public education. This included students with a disabilities and are between the ages 3-21 should have an Individualized Education plan (IEP), a wr...

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...et around and participation in everyday activities. Jobs were prohibit to refuse someone based on real or perceived disability, and provide reasonable accommodations to applicants who needed them. Public transports were required to facilitate wheelchair securement. Telecommunications required all companies take steps to ensure functionally equivalent services like the public teletypewriter machines. It is important people take action to make these changes in everyday life for them. This way everyone is included in daily activities and someone is not getting left behind because there are not the right accommodations for them.
In the long run, over the years’ congress had made plenty of changes for people with disabilities. Things are now different from how it was in the past, now they are accepted with many accommodations for them to live a life like everyone else.

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