Teaching Strategies For Beginning English Language Learners Essay

Teaching Strategies For Beginning English Language Learners Essay

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Using varied teaching strategies for beginning English language learners, including the use of cartoons, pictures, graphic organizers, drawing, pictures, videos, and other visual representations may increase language acquisition process among students. As a result, if the use of visual representations is a valid approach, then students should perform better on both oral and written forms.
According to Collier (1987, 1988) from the time children are born until about five years of age when they begin to read, children get most of their information via visual observations. It stands to reason that students who are beginning the acquisition of a new language would exhibit the same characteristics regardless of chronological age. Moreover, Paivio (1971) suggests that language is easily learned through verbal association and visual imagery. Based on my experience regarding ESL teaching, pictures seem to be the easiest way to learn English, especially in situations where many words can be elicited in a single picture.
Having taught ESL for many years, I always think of discovering the most appropriate strategies that will help students increase language acquisition in the shortest possible time in order for them to interact socially and academically while learning the English language at the same time. As an ESL teacher, finding strategies that work best should help me to better teach English for beginning learners whose language abilities may be hampered by some personnel, emotional, or mental baggage.
In order to survive in school both academically and socially, ESL students particularly the beginners, should be taught varied strategies that will at least help them communicate their ideas in or out of the classroom. Aside from ...

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...r forms of visuals. So if a simple
verbal narration is given alone without any illustration or animation, the narration would not be as easy to follow if this is not accompanied by some visual representations.
Moreover, Mayer (1997) found out that words coded verbally and nonverbally, attaching with pictures, for example, would be learned better than those coded only verbally just like what Paivio, Clark and Sternberg firmly believe. Danan (1992), in a study involving the use of video input and bimodal verbal input (subtitles in the foreign language along with audio in the learner’s native language) supports the Paivios dual theory resulting in better understanding and learning of vocabulary. These findings helps the translation as well giving for forms of mental retrieval of the language used via visuals. More paths can lead to tracing the words and the visual

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