Teaching Strategies And Can Be Beneficial Children When Learning And Role Playing. Gee ( 2007 )

Teaching Strategies And Can Be Beneficial Children When Learning And Role Playing. Gee ( 2007 )

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applications have great teaching strategies and can be beneficial to children when learning and role playing.
Gee (2007) covers 36 learning principles in his book, which some of these principles can be incorporated into traditional classroom. One of the principles Gee discusses is the semiotic principle. The semiotic principle focuses on images, symbols, graphs, words, which are often integrated. In books, words are not the only focus in understanding the meaning of the text. When looking at the whole text, students will notice that there are usually images as well as symbols that can have meanings. Graphs can provide students with factual information such as the amount or a percentage of something. All these sign systems are interrelated and help students understand and identify with the game better when they are able to understand it’s functions. The games can have different focuses such as science, mathematics, social studies, art, and etc…When students learn a subject in a classroom, and then play a game with similar information that was learned in the classroom, the information received becomes a great learning method.
Another leaning principle that can be applied into a traditional classroom is the achievement principle. This is applied to learners of different skill levels. It begins with rewarding the learners from the beginning and continuing to reward as the learners continue to reach their goals and achievements. The achievement principle is customized to the each learner’s level. In order for this type of learning principle to be effective, students will begin to being rewarded for doing good from the very beginning. The rewards can be small and insignificant until the end in order for the students to remain motiva...

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...are also effective because students can help one another to make an accomplishment. The students in a group build a specific bond because they hold the same goal that needs to be reached, just like in video games.
All the principles are significantly effective when it comes to video games however, they can also be applied in real classroom environment for teaching purposes. Student can learn in various way, and it is important for teachers and other faculty members to understand that students can learn in many different ways. Students have to find their specific learning styles that suit them, but these students need to be exposed to different teaching styles to help them understand what is out there. If a student learns best through playing video games, then that is the type of stimulation that works for them and should be considered when working with the student.

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