Teaching Spanish Is Harder Than Learning English Essay

Teaching Spanish Is Harder Than Learning English Essay

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We live in an area which includes several different types of individuals; which all have different backgrounds and cultures. My native language is Spanish, and I learned English throughout my elementary and middle school years. Growing up with Spanish being my first language has been a great quality of mine, therefore I believe that learning Spanish is harder than learning English. I am extremely happy and thankful that I learned Spanish and English because it is truly amazing to know both languages. Both languages are the two most languages used in the valley, which is the area in which I grew up.
When I was growing up I began my pre-k and Kindergarten years in English classes. They ended up moving me into bilingual classes in the first grade and I stayed in bilingual classes till 5th grade. Each year in my bilingual classes the language spoken the most would be Spanish, but our tests would be in English. I remember it being a challenge having to know everything in two languages. Spanish has always been my strongest language due to the fact that it’s my native language and I am eager to continue learning both languages to a maximum level. I was in bilingual classes for a very long time, because each year that they would conduct the English test to be able to put me in English classes something would come up that I would not be able to go to school.
Each year, beginning in the third grade I started taking what was at that time the TAAS test. These tests were in English and I always passed my TAAS tests, even though they were in English and at that time I was barely learning Basic English. I believe I knew enough English to be put in English classes since the 3rd or 4th grade, but due to the fact that I had not taken the English ...

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...nd society. Some of them see assessments as something that is not needed in the school system, because they believe that tests are not the definition of students’ knowledge. Some students get extremely nervous and get anxiety when they are about to take a test. Other students may take taking assessments in a much more calm and relaxed way. Some of our teachers see a big importance in assessments and others might not because they do not want to feel pressured. Our society sees a big importance in assessments starting with our school system wanting teachers to make everything possible for the students to pass all assessments.
Overall, the procedure of assessments takes a lot of effort and determination. Having assessments done by your classroom is a great way to test our students, and you are really able to find out what our students have learned and their progress.

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