Essay about Teaching Skills And Student Learning

Essay about Teaching Skills And Student Learning

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In the 21st century, coaches are making a big difference helping other educators succeed in the classroom; therefore, they adjust and reflect on their own biases, beliefs, and styles of learning to better meet the need of teachers. According to Knight (2008), coaching is seen as a process of communication and that "the hope of coaching rests with coaches providing teachers foundational support that can make a significant impact on teacher practice and student learning". Reflecting on my own biases, beliefs, and styles, I discovered and acquired valuable information to improve my teaching and coaching skills. In the field of education, teachers must also understand that collaboration among colleagues is very essential to promote teacher’s growth in the classroom and increase student learning; therefore, working collaboratively among colleagues must be implemented in all schools in order to promote professional growth. The essay emphasizes how information was gained to understand a learning style of an educator, feedback describing a preferred style, how to guide a plan of a colleague, and an explanation on how an interview was designed with Knowles’ assumptions about the characteristics of adult learning.
The different resources on how teachers have different preferred learning styles is new information and knowledge that will help me grow as an educator as well as help other colleagues succeed. According to Kise (2008), most people have different elements of each learning style, but one is easier and takes less energy in the classroom. As educators, we need to understand that teachers possess different learning styles and different personality types; therefore, we need to recognize the different learning styles in order to meet t...

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...king my colleague what activities he enjoyed the most as a learner in high school. According to Smith (2010), as a person matures, the motivation to learn is internal.
In conclusion, gaining information to understand my Collaborative Colleague and getting some feedback describing his preferred learning style guided my plans for coaching this individual. In addition, I will help my colleague meet his needs as an educator by providing him the best teaching strategies and useful resources where students would be interacting in groups exchanging valuable information. Implementing the interview with my colleague helped me uncover his natural path to being the best teacher he can be. In the field of education, adjusting and reflecting on our own biases, beliefs, and styles of learning makes a big difference not just in student learning, but teachers learning as well.

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