Essay about Teaching Practical Skills Based On Physical And Chemical Properties

Essay about Teaching Practical Skills Based On Physical And Chemical Properties

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As part of undergraduate degree in Geography at University of Sussex, students are require to learn practical skills based on physical characteristics for identifying rocks, fossils and conducting experimental analysis of rocks and soils to infer their physical and chemical properties. Each week, lecture is followed by a practical lab session that enables students to correlate the theoretical understanding of knowledge with the practical aspects to accomplish the learning outcome of the course module (see Appendix A, PP 02). In spring 2015, I was an associate tutor for first year undergraduate module of ‘Introduction to Geology’ and the responsibilities include helping students in practical sessions to develop a systematic scientific way of approach to resolve natural problems in physical geography (Graves, 1982).
Being an associate tutor for the module of ‘Introduction to Geology’, I need to deliver the key understanding of each practical session to students with varying degree of their own background level of understanding (Exley K and Dennick R, 2004). After lecturing, the practical workshops are framed in such a way that this aids students to clarify the key understanding, remove misconception and application of theoretical understanding into practice. To overcome this issue for students with different background knowledge, the main challenge involves to identify the missing gaps in their knowledge of understanding. Once these missing gaps are filled with proper explanation, then it requires sequential application of key concepts to conclude any problem. This led me to think of different techniques I could use to enhance student support learning activities as well as to understand the varying degree of student needs at their...

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...nswer for two marks requires four key points to address, then on the basis of number of key points a student had addressed, part marking could be possible. I found, the technique of using reference answers key prior to marking, to be very effective in separating the actual extract out from each answer and thus preventing me, as well, from doing unfair marking.
To conclude, the experience of assessing and marking to undergraduate module of ‘Introduction to Geology’ helps me to review my ability as an associate tutor. The challenges involves to set up a marking criterial that is transparent to both assessor and students while few criteria such as learning outcome of the module, in-depth knowledge of the subject area, originality in applying knowledge to resolve complex problems and application of theoretical understanding into practice etc. are maintained adequately.

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