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The Unfinished Works of Joe Foley Recently, web sites have been springing up in the cyberspaces between the spheres like, well, webs spun overnight. Unfortunately, there is no official protocol for designing and using facets of the World Wide Web. Perhaps in time, a "webiquette" will arise as did "netiquette" for the newsgroups that have been on the internet for a relatively longer time. Rules for relatively short sigs, or signature files, have arisen by mutual consent on the newsgroups. Perhaps someday owners of web sites will be flamed for including overly large graphics. As part of the "information superhighway," the purpose of a web page is to inform, whether it be a home page about an author, organization, corporation, or simply about a topic of interest. Users access the web to learn about topics which interest them. In order for a user to gain this information, a good web site should be complete, informative, and topic-related. To help the user, and to capture interest and pull the reader along, a web site should also be attractive and well-organized. The Gibson/CP Page, created by a student named Joe Foley, is not an example of a well-constructed web page. A page which is linked to our very own class web page should be finished. A large "under construction" sign is not a good sign for a reader who is potentially interested, nor does it reflect well on our cyberpunk course, Although the author may have plans to eventually complete this page, the page has not been updated for eight months. The page is simply sitting on the web, taking up space and luring unsuspecting browsers into a temporal whirlpool. A page which is still under construction is mainly a waste of time for a reader who is looking for informative material. Clicking on links which load up a blank page can be very frustrating and time-consuming for the unfortunate web surfer. Even those links which do lead to completed pages are usually a waste of time. Very little information can be gleaned about the topics on the page. The one link concerning Gibson's books which works is about Burning Chrome. The book's publication date and the table of contents are all that are on the page. Foley does not elaborate on any of the stories. Nothing more than what could be gained by looking at a library listing is on this page.The only information on Gibson is that he "is possibly the greatest writer living.
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