Teaching Opportunities For Diverse Learners Essay

Teaching Opportunities For Diverse Learners Essay

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Differentiated Practice for Diverse Learners

The MAED graduate employs differentiated instructional practices aligned with learner strengths and differences, diverse cultures, and diverse communities to promote student learning in a safe, collaborative, engaging, inclusive, 21st century learning environment.

PLO 2 is evident as I go throughout my daily activities and routines at work. We have a very diverse program which calls for creating and maintaining a diverse environment. As a Mentor Coach I am always stressing the importance of differentiated instructional practices. Creating learning opportunities for children based on their strengths. I know how important it is to embrace cultural diversity in the classroom and it does not stop there. A multicultural environment is important to any educational setting. In my job, sometimes I have to conduct assessments on students and these assessments are conducted by talking to the children. When I have a student who is identified as an ELL learner, I enlist the assistance of a bilingual interpreter to make sure the student understands the questions or actions necessary.
PLO 2 extends beyond the classroom and the school; it encompasses the community as well. The surrounding community gives us the information we need to make sure the environment is diverse. It is important that the schools know about the communities they are a part of there are many agencies that can assist in educating children and families. “These agencies provide experiences from which children gain knowledge through exhibits, demonstrations, and actual participation as well as in informal ways. Formal educational presentations from most agencies have been carefully thought through, and prepared materials ar...

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...and the children can work in an environment where they can continue learning without any interruption.

Challenges and Solutions

I took me a while to start this portion of my paper. When I reflect on this course, even though I can say I have learned some things, I can also say it was not without struggles. The re designs were by far the most challenging aspects of the class. It was difficult inserting what I had already in place, or so I thought I had in place. I had to make sure that everything that was put in the lesson plan connected to what was there and adhering to the specifications of the assignment.
My solution was to continue to motivate and guide myself as completed the necessary assignments. I challenged myself to complete the assignments. I now realize that the work I completed will become teaching tools for me as I do my job as a Mentor Coach.

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