Essay on Teaching New Concepts As A Child

Essay on Teaching New Concepts As A Child

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Being strong is something many people had told me in my life , primarily saying that it is a must to do for especially becoming an adult male. But there were some things I had never put through my mind until it was later in my life. Learning many attributes may be considered some of the simple things that I should have known in life, to changing who I am and what I appeared as, to becoming who I am today. 
Learning new concepts as a child is very important from a young age because it is best when younger kids are not pushed too hard, they have an opportunity to interact with their peers, and to appear to have more knowledge about the world for later in life. I however learned plenty, but not enough. I knew enough about life that would match up to the 6th grade, meaning I was still engulfed into cartoons and other childish concepts at this age, while my peers have developed past, such activities, and have cornered me in shame for my actions and my race in which I was vulnerable since I have yet to experience such “bullying”.  I have thought everything was at the time well, but time went on and I had realized it was time to rid my life of kiddie world and realize that I will be an adult one day, just as Hurston realized she was colored," I remember the very day that I became colored...a exclusively colored town", and gotten past the negativity, I had to transition.
I felt like people were discriminating against me because they misunderstood me and judged me according to their assumptions and prejudices. Letting loose the past is a difficult task to accomplish, due to random flashbacks reappearing because of OCD, going forward instead of lingering in the past as Dr.Wilson has covered can be very difficult. Graphic T-shirts and sim...

... middle of paper ... self I have found myself upon a level I have not ever thought I would be on, I am too perfect, I never in my life thought I would ever find myself accepting scholars in academics, I have always seen my peers achieving that rather than myself, but once again that is part of the transition I had taken.
Regarding a past from being completely delusional in the past, to becoming a local role model I have found myself in a position where numbers of other people would never want to forget about me. Though that was one of the most difficult moments in my life, seeing fellow classmates leave to find themselves and saying goodbye, was very crucial to my spirit. But, God has blessed me to carry on what I have gained from my past and expand it to the world. Taking my basic knowledge has only taken me this far, but I am only finding myself in the beginning of what is coming.

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