Teaching Middle School Age Children Essay examples

Teaching Middle School Age Children Essay examples

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Going to a country where the majority of the people are your own ethnicity sounds natural, right? I quickly learned that the environment around me was much more steeped in tradition than I previously thought. I arrived in Taiwan for a Christian missions trip that the primary focus was to teach English for a week and take one day to talk about the gospel with the students that we taught. The first four or five days I spent there was training for how to teach the students English and how to talk about the gospel in the classroom. During this time, I was trying to make friends with all the people I was with because the church that I went with were all new high schoolers that I never met before. The training process was fairly short and I soon went with my group to Changhua to teach to students there.
One day of teaching middle school age children was especially intriguing. I was paired up with somebody named David because my Mandarin speaking skills were very limited. My partner and I chose to play a game with our students in which we told them to acquire certain items in English and they were divided into teams to make it more entertaining. The students needed to bring it to our desks and they got really involved in the game because teachers don’t normally do fun activities with them. At one point in the game, David decided that it was time to have our students go outside of the classroom and bring back objects that might intrude other classes and their teachers could become upset. I learned from him that he had done this game with a different partner before and disturbed the classrooms which were playing the same game by asking the students to take things like the teacher’s shoes or name tag. Of course, I knew of the game’s possibl...

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... issue for me and having the fortitude to keep yourself positive is a difficult thing for me to do. Saying and writing my testimony helped me reaffirm who I was and my own self worth.
When I finally arrived back in the United States, I reflected on how different the culture was compared to the United States and thought that the expectations that my parents have for me is not as unreasonable as it would seem. The students I taught were all instilled in them that only getting a good education will set you up for a successful life in whatever career that you choose to do. I was also told this by my parents, but I never fully grasped where the mentality came from culturally until I went to Taiwan by myself. Education must be applied to real life when you are looking for a career and it is essential to have in many professions like the medical field, politics, and law.

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