Teaching Methods For Students By Giving Them A Letter Or Number Grade Essay

Teaching Methods For Students By Giving Them A Letter Or Number Grade Essay

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This chapter was about how teachers are concerned about evaluating their students by giving them a letter or number grade. This can lead teachers to rethink about their teaching methods to evaluate their students learning, knowledge, and performance. One way is the assessments that teachers can use to see what their students have learned and to see how far they have come in their learning. There are levels and rationales that go along with the grading.
The approaches for teachers has three different levels to what concerns them. In level one, the students are their most apparent concern because teachers are limited to the issue of how to grade their student’s work. Therefore, taking what the students do must earn the grade they deserve, and that the students should be more concerned about the grade they will earn. In level two, teachers put grading to question. Teachers ask whether they should use the traditional grading because they do not think that it is a very useful way to evaluate their students’ performance. The idea for this is that is to make sure teachers have a deeper understanding of their students’ achievement. In level third and final level, the teachers discuss the challenge of the assessment for the students, and why the teachers are evaluating the students instead of how they were doing it before.
In this chapter, we also learned about the grading rationale. The first one is sorting. Teachers can evaluate their students by being able to put them in groups based on their individual performance levels. Sorting the students has three levels each for very diverse reasons. In level one, the concern for the students so that the teacher is not just dumping individuals into the right piles. Some of the students’ perf...

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... they are still learning and do not reward them for their performance yet. Also, you should never grade on a curve because it challenges the teamwork among the students. Lastly, never give separate grades for their efforts. Overall, rewarding or punishing the students allows the teacher to disregard the curriculum or learning that may affect the students learning environment in which each of the students can learn. Students’ learn at different paces and learn differently too. I think grading is an awful way to see how the students are learning in class. Not every student is great at everything. Some students learn at a different pace than others, and some just need that extra bit of motivation and feedback to do their work to their best of their abilities. The students’ performance should be based on their own learning, knowledge, and performance level individually.

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