Essay on Teaching Methods For Effective Teaching

Essay on Teaching Methods For Effective Teaching

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The twenty-first century is a world of technology, social changes and vast knowledge that is always growing. This can be intimidating for those who have witnessed the changes from the 1900 's, but for the younger people in society, this is the norm. Since the world and the way we live has changed so much, so must our teaching methods. In a classroom setting, children and teenagers have shorter attention spans, more distractions and more to learn than ever. So what makes for effective teaching in the twenty-first century? Each teacher has their own methods, but this essay will discuss some key elements in modern teaching. After covering the two basic types of schooling, these will be narrowed down further and some positive methods for effective teaching will be introduced.

When we think of teaching, one of the first things that come to mind is the word 'education ', but what exactly is education? Primary-school children would say education helps them learn, Secondary-school children might say it helps them get a job, and adults views all vary as their opinions are often based on their experiences in the education system. Education is usually paired with the ideas of schooling, learning and training (Curtis, et al. 2014), the majority of which involve the demand for teachers. These teachers have different methods they must consider in order educate their students, and there are two basic ways this can be done.
The first method is what we call 'convergent ' teaching, which converges toward the teaching of specific subject matter. This involves knowledge being passed on by the teachers, to the students. The other is 'divergent ' teaching, which encourages self-directed and open ended learning. This involves promoting the students ...

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...). If we do not learn to adapt, we will not be able to adjust to our ever-changing future and continue to build on society and humanity.
With this information in mind, in order to teach effectively in the twenty-first century it is best to use divergent teaching methods as it is centred on the students and focuses on their learning process. In addition, It is recommended to use educational institutes suggested positive behaviour and methods as guidelines due to its benefits on students and teachers. It is also best to learn about technology and the internet as the introduction of these both have brought many advantages and can be utilised in teaching for maximum positive results. Lastly, teaching is mostly focused on the future of mankind and students, and for us to have the best future possible, teaching higher-order thinking has many benefits and is very effective.

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