Essay on Teaching Math Beyond Everyday Math

Essay on Teaching Math Beyond Everyday Math

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Teaching math beyond the basics is unusable unless one teaches a person to be curious instead. Can this statement prove that basic math taught today is useless, unless potential is realized in the curiosity that one might hold? What does curiosity mean? The formal definition of “curiosity” in the Webster dictionary is listed as an adjective. Questioning: inquisitive; eager for information. So as one focuses and awakens their curiosity to help solve the toughest arithmetic problems they are able to move beyond the basics that are taught each day and become a successful problem solver.
Take for instance, the operational definition of curiosity which helps to empower one to feel confident and able to conquer all goals that are pursued within one’s academic level. People every day struggle as they enter basic math classes because their foundation in mathematics was not laid for them properly. What most people know of math is in the form of memorized formulas rather than up to date daily practices. Those who struggle and become frustrated with moving beyond everyday math is because of not having that proper foundations laid. Math is not going to help someone release their curiosity abilities but a person that is curious will indeed become equipped to move beyond the basic daily numbered problems and ultimately could solve the questions with individualized determination. Brenda Honeycut and Benjamin Pierce, in their article titled “Illustrating Probability in Genetics with Hands-On Learning: Making the Math Real” states “Probability is an essential tool of genetics, and basic concepts of probability are usually included in introductory biology and beginning genetics courses.
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In conclusion, a person who is interested and wants to continue to grow and develop the skills needed to mature in the mathematical field will find ways to keep themselves challenged by remaining curious to solve problems. Peter Higgins, in his article titled, “Mathematics for the curious” he explains “in order to understand numbers to a useful extent, a pupil needs to do lots of arithmetic. It is not the answers that is important, but the development of the skill required to obtain them. Doing arithmetic instills a basic familiarity with numbers and a confidence in handling them” (pg.27). Awakening curiosity will not only help a person go beyond the basics in math and accompany them as they achieve higher levels of completion, but it will help them to retain valuable information that will bring them into the future of solving numeral mathematical problems.

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