Essay on Teaching Is A Important For The Real World

Essay on Teaching Is A Important For The Real World

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Overall, my beliefs on education’s role and purpose in society have not really changed. I still believe that it is important to educate students to get them ready for the real world because in my opinion, learning how to get ready for the real world is important for students to be successful. It is important to teach them teamwork, time management, how to deal with responsibility, and good life habits. If students cannot work together with other students than it is going to be hard for the student to be successful later on in life. I also still believe you need to teach students how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. A lot of students do not get this at home; therefore, it is important to teach this these things at school.
Teaching is a very important role in the growth and development of children in our country. Teaching is providing principles. One thing that has changed is, I believe teaching is helping students grow and meet their potential. I still believe teaching is modeling and building a relationship with the students. This helps the students become confident that they are able to meet their potential. I still believe learning is having an open mind. However, I believe that, if a student understands information than they have moved past memorization. I also believe that learning is being able to apply what one understands to the real world. Bloom is one theorist who would support this because… I believe that students learn by asking questions. I also believe that they learn by discovering new things. I believe this because I do not think learning comes from just reading a book. Vygotsky and Piaget would support this. I still believe a teacher knows when a student has learned something when the student is able ...

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... His constructivist theory says that people create their own way of learn by their experiences. Therefore, if parents or families act like it doesn’t matter than so will the student.
I believe that the society should help educate and direct students. However, that is not always the case. The society can have a positive or negative influence on the education of students. Students can fall into peer pressure so easily. Therefore, society can easily influence the way students act and perform in the classroom. Bandura is one theorist to back this up. He claims, it is the actions of others that students see and cause them to behave a certain way. Vygotsky is another who would support this because he believes that students learn from watching others (Ormrod, 2015). If a student sees it is acceptable to act a certain way, even while in class, then they will act that way.

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