Essay about Teaching Is A Difficult Profession

Essay about Teaching Is A Difficult Profession

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Teaching is a difficult profession that is not meant for everyone. There are multitudes of valid reasons to not be a teacher. There are people whom think that a teacher’s job is simply an eight-three job but that it far from the truth. Teacher’s entire nights are essentially overtime, but without the pay other jobs give for the extra hours. Teachers are revered in other countries, but in America they are criticized. There are abounding amounts of bad teachers out there in the world and I may just become one more uninspiring person in a child’s life. Personally, I have had numerous terrible teachers in my career as a student, I can’t just be another story about a horrendous teacher who grades badly or just simply not an exceptional educator. I do not wish to be a teacher because of the lack of authority in an authoritative position, the lack of trust between the teacher and parents, and the constant need to reassure your position.
Teachers are expected to have full control of their classrooms at all times, however they aren’t truly the boss. There are innumerable levels of people above me outside the classroom, yet teachers are expected to have total control over the children present in the classroom. How can one expect kids to respect the adult in the room when they aren’t the ones truly in charge? Teachers get minimal say in the curriculum that they teach in the first place. Most of the time the state government regulates what is taught and when, the teachers don’t get much leeway with how it’s taught. There is administrators and upper levels who may decide for me what I am allowed and what I’m not allowed to teach my students. Children realize that I can’t hand out serious consequences on my own, and act accordingly. Children k...

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...continue to have them?
In conclusion, there are a multitude of reasons to not become a teacher. There are numerous problems that can occur inside and outside the classroom that is out of the educator’s hand. Teachers are extremely limited in what they can do on a daily basis. In other professions, the employees can use the restroom as they please or go out for lunch with colleagues, however teachers do not have that luxury. Teachers also have a great amount of overtime spent grading at home that they receive no compensation for completing. This is time that could have been spent with family and friends but instead teachers are forced to have their own homework. Personally, I hated homework all through school, so I can’t imagine having to continue that horrendous process with my career. Teaching is not the correct profession for those people want privacy or security

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