Teaching Goal : Become A Role Model Essay

Teaching Goal : Become A Role Model Essay

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Teaching Goal: Become a Role Model

One primary goal of mine is to become an educator that provides support and inspiration for matters outside of the classroom. I have been fortunate enough to have had an education both in elementary and secondary school that as given me the support and push I needed to grow. I have faced numerous challenges where I lacked confidence and self-esteem. When reflecting on the situations where I felt hopeless, I immediately think of the educators that helped me and guided me to be the person I am today. These teachers lifted me up when I needed lifting, guided me when I needed guiding, and pushed me in the right direction to pursue my passions. I looked to these teachers as a provider of support and never hesitated to ask them for help. I believe that this goal is essential for my teaching practice.
Every student deserves the support and guidance that they need through every stage of their life. An educator can be incredibly influential in every student’s life. Not only will this impact my teaching practice by allowing me to grow and learn from the students around me, but it will also have an incredible impact on my pupils. School should not be a place of entrapment and torture, and should not just be for academics. I believe school should be a place of community and a place to grow.
For every student to feel comfortable, providing a way for students to talk to a role model without worrying about their grade is essential. I strive to give every student the time they deserve as well as make myself available and seem approachable. Sometimes listening is enough to push a student further into the world with a drive to succeed.

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...students to take risks. Without the ability and the motivation to try, no student will every be able to further develop. A teacher must do all one can to make a student feel as if the teacher believes in them. They must know that one are there to help them succeed.

When students look back on the school year, I want them to describe me for what I did to help them achieve their goals rather than who I am. I want them to leave my class knowing how to think critically and analyze. I want my students to be able to reflect on their learning and be able to allow themselves to improve. A teacher can have an incredible influence on every student’s skills, abilities, confidence, and sense of self. It is my goal for my teaching career to provide the means to every student to feel as if they have learned, grown, can love themselves, and feel at home when they come to school.

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