Essay on Teaching From Paul's Epistle to the Romans

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The Epistle of Paul is the foundation and the most absolute book in the New Testament. Its historical impact is unequaled by any book possibly due to its international appeal. Although it is referred to as a book, Romans was actually an occasional letter. "Paul was a Roman citizen (Acts 22:28) and a strict Pharisee, a Hebrew of Hebrews (Acts 23:6); He studied under Gamaliel, one of the most famous Jewish rabbis at Jerusalem" (Towns & Gutierrez, 2012). Paul being educated and intellectual knew how to frame words and speak to his audience in a way that engaged them; causing them to embrace Gods amazing grace by His plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ. We assume that Paul had not been in Rome until after the epistle had been written. This is why an introduction was probably formulated; in the first seven verses Paul describes his relationship to the gospel of Jesus Christ and in 8-15 he persisted in his relationship with the Romans to whom his epistle was written. Paul was the harbinger of the theme of Romans, the object of the Gospel was Jesus Christ; Gods revelation of His righteousness (Galatians 1:15). The gamut of Paul's message was universal. The epistle was written to the believers in Rome (Romans 1:13) and to the saints; this was not a one way street for Paul would also be blessed. The theme of Paul's Epistle is twofold (Towns & Gutierrez, 2012): * The Gospel is the Power of God that leads to Salvation (Romans 1:16). As Christians it is our responsibility to live our lives in accordance with God's will. Sharing the good news of God's kingdom is imperative not only for our salvation, but that of many. If we don't hear the gospel, we do not have an opportunity to embrace it. Additionally we cannot distort the mess...

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...we can receive salvation. In a nutshell, God's Amazing Grace is what Romans is truly about! (Word Count 991) Lucado, Max: New King James Version; The Inspirational Study Bible, World Bibles, Word Publishing, 1995. Smith, LaGard F.: The Daily Bible; New International Version: Harvest House Publishers; Eugene, Oregon 97402_1984. Pages 1449 - 1453. Towns, Elmer L. and Ben Gutierrez: The Essence of the New Testament: A Survey: Nashville: B&H Publishing, 2012. (Pages 129, 133, 134-137).

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Lucado, Max: New King James Version; The Inspirational Study Bible, World Bibles, Word Publishing, 1995. Smith, LaGard F.: The Daily Bible; New International Version: Harvest House Publishers; Eugene, Oregon 97402_1984. Pages 1449 - 1453. Towns, Elmer L. and Ben Gutierrez: The Essence of the New Testament: A Survey: Nashville: B&H Publishing, 2012. (Pages 129, 133, 134-137).

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