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Teaching English For The Classroom Essay examples

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Juan is a Spanish speaking only student whom has the same goals for himself as his parents have within the educational setting, and this is learning English. As a teacher Ms. Romano should have known better than to expect Juan to move and learn at the same pace of all the other children in the classroom, as English is not his primary language. As Ms. Romano also did not involve Juan’s parents in his learning and education, this enabled Juan to struggle and not have an appropriate support network. Schools and teachers need to act on involving Hispanic parents in the school and their child’s education as this will allow improvement in the achievement of Hispanic children (Manning, 2008). Juan has an obvious language barrier that is hindering his ability to read English and receive adequate testing scores. Concentration on learning English for him will help him to succeed and not feel so behind in classes, he is learning a new language and does not seem to display any type of learning disabilities based on the information provided. Many of the problems faced by Hispanic American Learners is their difficulties with learning English and the pressure they often feel to communicate in English in the education setting, when at home all that is spoken is Spanish. It is important for public schools to provide an education that is built around Hispanic student’s culture and language while also providing them the resources and assistance to learn English (Manning, 2008). As Ms. Romano I would have identified Juan’s academic difficulties then provided him with the proper one on one resources and assistance to help break down the curriculum to meet his language needs. If his language needs are met, I believe he will be able to learn English alo...

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... no actual evidence showing that minority students are more likely to have exceptionalities than white students causing them to be emotional or intellectually disabled. This information causes students to be improperly diagnosed and placed in the wrong classes resulting in lower grades and academic standards that cannot be met (Herzik, 2015). The different cultural cues identified by teachers from minority children should be address properly rather than placing these students in special education classrooms. Seeing as though these students may have language barriers, inadequate home settings, some students are forced to work and go to school, some even help raise families; the home life should be addressed for short comings in education. Special education classrooms should never be an immediate referral for an issue that can be fixed with other options and resources.

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