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Teaching English as second language is an incredible act of balancing multiple aspects of language at one time – syntax, morphology, phonology, and much more. L2 teachers must utilize each of these if they are to effectively teach the L2 to students in their classrooms in a way that produces the most improvement across facets such as grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension of the language. SLA research shows that there are multiple, often controversial ways of teaching an L2 – none of which seem to be completely solidified as being the best. However, by maintaining a contemporary working knowledge of new research and teaching methods, an L2 teacher may be able to comfortably produce positive results in the classroom by observing, analyzing, and assessing methods which are working and which are not for his or her students. When teaching the L2, I believe I can use important methods to improve my teaching by regarding the phonology, morphology, and syntax of the language.
One of the most fundamental core aspects in learning a new language is understanding its morphology. Knowing parts of speech and how to use them is one of the most important concepts L2 learners must know in order to create coherent sentences, both in written and oral communication. One would not want, for instance, a student to fail in knowing that ‘an’ typically comes immediately before a noun beginning with a vowel (or vowel sound). Further, for example, the explicit knowledge and use of adjectives often helps to build a student’s creativity with a target language and allows them to express their personality, rather than sounding “robotic” when speaking the L2 (Drugas, 69). Knowing this, one activity I may do more with students is have them describe things ...

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... pronunciation (Wong, 18). In teaching, I believe that correcting incorrect pronunciation may be incredibly important for language learners. Rather than simply repeating a word back to a student, I may write the word on the board and underline the phoneme that the student is pronouncing wrongly – drawing special attention to it. One could even draw a simple anatomical depiction of the oral cavity depicting the location of the tongue for the sound production – this would not require very much explicit knowledge of anatomy other than tongue location. By doing this, a student would be able to realize, concretely, what they are doing wrong rather than hearing simple repetition error-correction, and thus be able to correct it (Lacabex, 502). Teaching phonetics is certainly one aspect I would like to improve in my teaching, and I now believe I have multiple ways to do so.

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