Teaching During Her Classes : The Kodaly Method, And Orff Schulwerk Approach

Teaching During Her Classes : The Kodaly Method, And Orff Schulwerk Approach

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Quality of Instruction
Mrs. Evans told us that she mainly uses three methods of teaching during her classes: the Kodaly method, the Gordon method, and Orff-Schulwerk approach. I witnessed all three of these being taught at different points of my observation. The second grade classes learned about Gordon syllables through visual aides on the projector and a spoken rhythm about windows. Each window represented the "steady beat" and had the macro and microbeats of the song written into its opening. Mrs. Evans used this specific class time to teach the students about the "du-u," or the half note (they had already learned about quarter notes and eighth notes). The kindergarten class used Orff-Schulwerk methods through colorful scarves which represented fall leaves. Mrs. Evans played a simple melody on the piano, using the highest and lowest octaves. The higher octaves indicated that the students were to raise their scarves, and the lower ones indicated that they should drop them. This was to help them distinguish between high and low pitches. The third graders used Kodaly solfege and were in the process of learning the solfege syllables "mi," "re," and "do." They used a call-and-response technique with Mrs. Evans where she would sing some "mi, re, do" sequences and they would repeat them after her. They were then ordered to, quietly and collectively, get a dry-erase marker, an eraser, and a small whiteboard from a cupboard in the room. Once they were in their "personal spaces," Mrs. Evans sang some sequences of "mi, re, do" but left out one of the names of the pitches and only sang the pitch itself. The students were asked to write down the name of the syllable on their whiteboards, and most got them correct. However, Mrs. Evans also ...

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...at progress fully develop. However, I did learn many things about music education by actually going out into the field. I learned what a great teacher needs to be successful: routines, determination, and enthusiasm. I learned about the public school system and class schedule, which was fairly different from my Catholic school experience (there were no prayers before class and no beliefs involved in the music, the facilities were nicer and more-equipped, and the class sizes were much larger). However, most importantly, I realized that even if I do not want to teach primary school children, my love of music would allow me to persevere so that I would be able to if necessary. This first observation confirmed that I definitely want to teach music, if not only to bring joy to students ' faces like Mrs. Evans did when telling her kindergarteners about symphonic instruments.

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