Teaching Curriculum And Academic Expectations Essay

Teaching Curriculum And Academic Expectations Essay

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With the ever changing philosophies and expectations of education and curriculum in the United States, school district are constantly looking for techniques to increase academic performance. A school districts ability to keep up with the latest changes related to curriculum and academic expectations helps schools adjust instructional methods and improve potential deficiencies. The “Four Circle Model” is a model focused upon determining exactly what a school wants to accomplish it, and the fashion in which to go about accomplishing it. This model centers on what needs to be accomplished, the belief of the school, and what we know about the school. The identification of each area provides intel, which provides the strengths and weaknesses of the school. By identifying these areas, and designing a plan of action on the needs, student achievement is expected to increase and improved curriculum will arise.
Naturally, every school wants to achieve on a high level, and accomplish each goal established by administration and teachers, but in order to achieve these feats, a constructive and realistic plan must be established. Here at Woodruff High School academics and discipline are the highest priorities for our students. First, we can to make sure that students are receiving instruction in a safe and constructive environment. Next, we want students to establish academic goals that are attainable for students to achieve and build upon. Also, the expectation level of student’s character is consistently established through the disciplinary system that has been in place for over 20 years. Despite the numerous positives that have been achieved by the school, the one area that has been deprived and needs improvement is the connec...

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...for potentially the six classes to be completed. The traditional six block scheduling makes students receive instruction in only one course for an entire school year, when on a four block schedule system they would only have one semester of a particular class. The effect on curriculum could be dramatic, allowing students to receive more instruction in multiple areas compared to more instruction in only one particular area.
Woodruff High School can become a more effective and up to date high school if they utilize the Four Circle Model and determine the schools knowledge, beliefs, and wants. The concept of developing a curriculum utilizing the four Circle model, is to break down various areas in which the school is currently functioning and make a determination on how to improve those areas and help students learn at the highest and most comfortable level possible.

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