Teaching Conditional Sentence to Foreign Language Learners Essay

Teaching Conditional Sentence to Foreign Language Learners Essay

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1. Introduction
Grammar and Vocabulary are the two foundations of English language and they affect each other individually. Therefore, both of them should be emphasize in English language teaching. According to Greenbaum and Nelson (2002), Grammar refers to the set of rules that allow people to combine words in language into larger units. Mastering grammar well will contribute greatly to reading, writing and speaking. In grammar leaning, the student’s attitude matters. Meanwhile, the teaching methods are also the key factor for students to master well. So to some extent, the teaching method in class would affect the students’ studying of grammar. As Wu (2012) mentioned, there's no agreed-upon method of teaching English conditionals so far. Consequently, the discussion of new and personal approach of conditional sentence is going to be made in this paper.

This paper is consisted of four parts. Firstly the author would evaluate the Miss Wong’s teaching approach according to the interview from the given material. In the second part, new grammar activity with detailed procedure would be designed. Thirdly, the author would like to discuss the activity based on certain theory. And at the end of the paper, there will be some exercises as a little quiz prepared for the students at the beginning of next class.

2. Evaluation of Miss Wong’s Grammar Teaching Approach
The given material is an interview with Miss Wong who talked about teaching methods on four types of conventional sentence in Band 3 school. In her statement, she usually explains four types of conventional sentences in the first place and then gives students exercises to check whether they maser certain grammar rule. The advantage and disadvantage are both quite obvious.

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...clauses in each one, then identify each type, using one of the four labels(factual, predictive, hypothetical and counterfactual).

Example: If Americans want change, they always vote for the challenger.(factual)

1. If the President had a serious domestic policy, it remained a big secret throughout the campaign.
2. If the President wanted to make an impact, he would announce a highway rebuilding program.
3. If the new President does not fix the economy, he won’t be popular for very long.
4. If the Democrats took the opportunity to change things, they would push ahead with a national health policy.
5. IF the challenger had focused on the economy, he would have been more successful.
6. If he hadn’t relied on his past popularity, he would have been much more aggressive.
7. If the new leader doesn’t fulfill people’s expectations, he won’t be smiling this time next year.

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