Teaching Classroom Rules For Behavior And Homework Essay

Teaching Classroom Rules For Behavior And Homework Essay

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I think that it is important for the roles to be defined at this point. As the new teacher coming into the classroom I would explain that students have a clean slate with me and it is up to them how we proceed with the rest of the year. To set up this discussion we will talk about the roles of a teacher and a student so that each student understands exactly what is expected of them and what they can expect from me. With this conversation we will go over and establish classroom rules for behavior and homework. For most of the students these seem to be issues. I want the students to understand that they are responsible for their own behaviors but I am here to ensure that all of the students in the class are able to have a safe, secure and positive learning environment. I will use praise for positive behaviors that I would like to have repeated in my classroom as I see them. This will help me motivate other students to emulate the behaviors shown to garner the same praise.
I think that there is a severe lack of motivation in this classroom. I think that this can be helped by breaking the cycle that is happening. They need to know that good work and behavior is appreciated. This will help them to want to participate appropriately. Everyone likes to know that they are doing a good job and that those efforts are appreciated. By moving the pendulum to a more positive side students will start to feel more confident in their abilities. This will also help my relationships build with them and in turn they will feel more comfortable asking questions and for help when needed. All of these things work to improve student grades.
The students need to be bought into the idea of learning. This might need to start with outside rein...

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...iors before they happen the more the students will trust me and the better our relationship will be. This also allows more time for classroom instruction and that will help the students to complete assignments and hopefully improve their grades.
I will not be afraid to consult with other teachers, counselors, and administrators as needed to help my classroom run smoothly. Many of these people will have experiences with these students and may be able to give me some helpful suggestions and tips. One thing that I will not do is allow anyone else’s thoughts and ideas about a student color my own. I want each student to have the chance to show me who they are without having preconceived ideas about them. Many times students behave and perform in accordance with your expectations so if I expect the best from each of them they will be more likely to live up to it.

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