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The Teaching Beginning Literacy Learners Essay example

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Teaching beginning literacy learners involves several assessments from observation to data collection. Dr. Donald Bear (Laureate Education, 2014) explains the assessment process in order to help our learners achieve success in reading and writing. He mentions that there is a process to accomplish a full assessment. First observe, document, interpret data and finally evaluate and plan. Primary grade educators have a big responsibility when it comes to assess. Depending on the assessment educators provide is how they would help each learners needs. As well, primary grade educators needs to provide each learner the foundations of reading and writing in order for them to avoid gaps and when reaching upper grade level the student’s reading stage is not a concern. As Fisher & Frey (2012) states that close reading in primary grades are done with the teacher reading, but eventually it would create the habit for the reading stamina and for the structure of reading on their own in upper grades. Knowing this, we need to provide our beginning learners the opportunity to listen to reading and educators needs to model this routine in order for them to grasps the expectation.
According to this week readings and resources I assess a beginning reader that through the first week of school activities I notice that he was having a hard time sounding out the letters of what he wanted to write. There was a point in the instruction that he ask for help and I sounded out the word he wanted to write and he said can you write it for me because I do not know. The learner assess is a Spanish speaker born in the United States with Mexican parents. He has been in the dual immersion side since Pre-K and now enter in first grade. I had his sister two years ...

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...nstruction. With this I refer going back and teaching the letters with it sounds. Guide him on identifying the beginning sound of a word. My next steps in order for the learner to succeed in literacy is provide rich text and an environment rich in visuals. Together with, I will support the learner with research based practices that will help him achieve reading and writing goals. Part of these practices will be using strategies like role playing vocabulary (Herrell & Jordan, 2009), focus on the diagram provided by Reutzel & Cooter (2016,pg.146) to meet all the aspects associated with alphabet and letter name knowledge. In addition, I will provide him with his personal leveled text to reinforce the letter and sound skills through the reading. This way I would motivate him to build reading stamina and eventually be part of a close reading (Fisher, D., & Frey, N.,2012)

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