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Teaching As An Educator Teacher Essays

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AS/R (5)(c)2(iv) Educational Philosophy
Teaching has a huge place in my heart. Teaching has a variety of different meaning. Teaching a classroom means to guide them, love them, encourage them, push them, and always see the best in every student. The teaching process is when the teacher uses different teaching strategies to keep the students engaged. The teacher also must understand the students and where they come from. I feel like understanding your student’s culture and life will help you become a better teacher. I also believe that the teacher needs to know the subjects that they are teaching. As an educator motivating students is very important. If the students are not being motivated then they will not want to learn anything. Challenging students learning will the best part of teaching. I believe that being creative when challenging students will make them become more involved. Students learning abilities can be addressed through different activities. As an educator I believe that every teacher should address all the different learning styles so every student will be able to learn.
Learning means that a person is gaining knowledge in different areas. In a learning situation, the light bulb goes off. When a student is understanding the concepts of new material they are learning. During a learning session, a teacher teaches a lesson to the students and the students are learning as the teacher is going through it. The teacher presents the material in way all of the different learners in the class can understand it. The light bulb goes off when the students finally understand the lesson. That is most rewarding thing. When I helped in a class in high school I always helped a little boy and one day, after we had been working on hi...

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...t for themselves and I would write them down and display it in the classroom. I would keep them up all year so their classmates and I could hold them accountable.
I have set some really high goals for myself. My first goal is to graduate with an Elementary Education degree. Second, I want to find a job around the Decatur area. Once I get my first teaching job I want to find an older teacher that can help me along the way. I know my first year will be the most challenging year for me. I want to work in a Title one school for the first couple of years. When I get into my second year of teaching I want to begin working on my masters. I want to get my masters in Administration so one day I can become the principal of a school. My ultimate goal as an educator is to work in central office. There are many things I have to do first before I can achieve that dream of mine.

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