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Teaching as a Career Essay

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A cool fact about education and teaching is that the "first public school that started in America opened their doors in 1635" (www.cityofboston.gov)? That means education has been around for a long time and it's important in our society. But the most important thing about the education system is the teachers because without them there would be no lesson plans, no grading system, and no degrees. Without education our Country would just be in a stand still, everybody would work outside all day everyday.
Elementary Teacher
Getting a degree to become an elementary teacher is hard but rewarding after everything is done. To become a teacher one must first go to school and obtain a Bachelors Degree in either math or science (http://education.ufl.edu). After that one must take their certification tests to achieve their temporary license that will last for three years (http://education.ufl.edu). Once all of the necessary schooling is done one must intern a teacher to earn classroom experience (www.bls.gov).
What most people don't know about teaching is the different certifications. With teaching a person can either get a degree for Early Childhood and work at a daycare or get a certification for Elementary Education which certifies them to teach K-6, K-7, or K-8 (degreedirectory.org). With each degree a person gets it limits to what grades he/she can teach. With that said a person can always obtain more than one degree in different areas of teaching.

Teaching License
After that person has interned a teacher they will need to attain their renewable teaching license. This license will last for five years and the teacher will have to keep renewing it throughout their teaching career by taking multiple state wide tests ( http://e...

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