Teaching: A life goal Essay

Teaching: A life goal Essay

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Teaching is a profession that takes years to master. Aside from having at least a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching, a student teaching job, and a few other courses; you have to have the passion, the skills, and abilities to understand a student. A lot of things go in to teaching but these are the most important aside from the knowledge itself.
In most schools you will work for eight or nine hour days for ten months with two months off for summer. You also may end up working in a school that doesn’t have updated books or the same technology as other places. This is where your skills come in. Even if you are in a school that is up to date and has exceptional teaching technology; you will have to be resourceful. You can’t just rely completely on the book or computer. A student may not understand an idea so you will have to communicate it to them in a way that will clear it up; and if they still don’t get it the teacher will have to keep patient and keep trying. Most of all a teacher has to remember that high school is a lot of stress for a student! A teacher has to be understanding and compassionate to help the student feel more confident about a class or coming to the teacher with a problem.
As a teacher one very important skill is improvising! If something is not going as planed or you have to be flexible and change routs all of a sudden. You have to able to keep the class on task and no matter what you have to be able to still get things done. For example, if you have a lab you wanted to get done to you planned it for a whole week. Then another teacher needs the lab for a final exam or something the school decides takes precedents over your lesson you will have to come up with something new to do that week. You will have t...

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