Essay about Teaching A Foreign Language At The United States

Essay about Teaching A Foreign Language At The United States

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When living in the United States, it’s never on the minds of young children to have to study a foreign language. English is spoken mostly around the world and you can always find someone, who speaks it. However, being able to speak a foreign language at least one nowadays is becoming a necessity. Imagine those students who come to school in America and are asked to learn how to read, write, and listen in English. A student who’s English is a second language to their first language has a lot more pressure to learn a new language. Most of these students have time to learn a new language. There are many websites that would be beneficial for students to look at and to use as practice. One of those websites would be LearningEnglishKids. LearningEnglishKids website has a wide range of things for students to use and not only does it fit the needs for students, but it also has resources for teachers and parents.
While exploring this website I came across two games that I took notes on to see how they will help students learn English. This website has many different categories for their games, like fun games, learn words, find words, play with words, and spell words. The first game I played was from spell words and it was called Christmas Balloon burst. The purpose of the game is to look at the picture and try to pop the balloons to spell the object in the picture. This game would be great for vocabulary because students would need to know how to spell the word and the picture is helpful, for the fact that it gives the students a hint about the word. This game comes in different topics, like clothing, animals, foods, human body parts, numbers, and the list goes on. This game would be useful for students who are just starting to learn Eng...

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...hcards home with the students to practice with or you could use them, of course in the classroom too. With some of the tricky words activity came with games and stories that followed those words used. This is nice for teachers to have for their students to get extra practice learning English.
In conclusion there are many reasons as to why studying English is important for students. One, it opens up many opportunities for students as they continues their education and their journey to becoming proficient in English. Two it allows students to communicates with the people around them. Lastly, it gives students confidence to learn anything. English is always changing and adding words that are picked up by today’s society. With this website, LearningEnglishKids will give students and teachers a step towards being proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English.

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