Teachers vs. Software, Jobs in Language Education Essay

Teachers vs. Software, Jobs in Language Education Essay

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A teacher is a person that demonstrates how to perform particular tasks, directs you on

the path of endless possibilities, instills morals along with integrity, and reveals a wondrous world

of learning. Methods of comprehension are changing with every increasing minute. In the 21st

century education has a higher demand and one of these demands are a second language. In

the Ridgewood School District, in Ridgewood, New Jersey, school officials are electing to

substitute educators that administer foreign languages with a learning software Rosetta Stone.

On September 13, 2009 a news article, circulated in the New York Times, by Winnie

Hu journalist, discuss the importance of teaching a second language, but also addresses the

struggles of the economy, and why teacher are being replaced with software. Rosetta Stone

priced at $75,000, which is less than half of the combined salaries of three teachers; helps the

budget problem, but eliminates jobs. Although Rosetta Stone would save the district several

thousand dollars, would this learning method provide the student the best training possible.

Learning a foreign language is increasingly growing as our students are exposed to various ethnic

backgrounds in the classrooms today. Bilinguals is valued in a global society: Besides

developing a deeper understanding of the cultures it can provide a competitive advantage in the


"Goals of education in the United States have change little over the last 300 years and

generally fall into four categories: academic (intellectual), vocational (responsibility as a productive

citizen), social and civil (socialization into a democratic society), and personal (self-


... middle of paper ...


this concept is taking place in our education system. Computers lack the skill to teach children

how to interact and demonstrate their talents. When children are taught by the computer its just

them on-on-one with not interaction with others. On the other hand, with a teacher interpreting

different concepts and giving examples children can work together on assignments and display

class participation which is a great for broadening their abilities.

In the long run computers and unable to evaluate and analyze critical and emotional

problems students face and encounter. "Teaching relies on social skills necessary for developing

good relationships and negotiating conflicts. Additionally, good human relationships and the

resolution of difficult or complex social situations require moral judgments," better taught by


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