Essay on Teachers Should Teachers Complain Too Much

Essay on Teachers Should Teachers Complain Too Much

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One last misconception about teachers is the broadest that will be discussed, that is the misconception that teachers complain too much. Often society hears of teachers complaining about pay, rather that be pay in general, or having to do with merit pay; teachers also often complain about the hours they are work, hours most people don’t even see. Teacher evaluations is another hot topic, along with teacher accountability, and a punishment reward system they may face. Lastly, there are complaints having to do with the school curriculum and governmental standards. Society claims educators have enough support in these areas so they should just accept things for the way they are or they can find another profession. There is no denying these topics are recurring complaints real teachers do have. What can be questioned and analyzed more closely is they why teachers complain. If society were to take a closer look they would see that teachers are not complaining too much about the issues they face, they are not being heard.
Merit pay, accountability, and evaluations are three topics that are closely linked to teachers. For many years’ society, has seen struggling students and often decide to place the blame entirely on the teacher, rather than the educational system. From this came the idea of merit pay; it became a way to reward those teachers who were deemed successful and encourage other teachers to increase their progress in promoting student learning. This concept is often supported with the concept that “teachers are born and not made.”
Though promoting some competition between teachers could be a positive advantage; often times teachers will soon lose sight of what’s really important, students’ learning. On page 175 of Goldstein...

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... for this reason that there is often tension for teachers when thinking about evaluations that then directly affects their instruction to students. When evaluations are constructive to help, teachers improve, evaluations can be quite positive. The complaint comes in when the evaluations are used against them.
The teaching profession has grown and changed exponentially for the past few hundred years. With this process also came the misconceptions about the teaching profession. Society has stated teaching is not a true profession, teachers complain too much, teachers are compensated enough for what they do, the job is easy, and more. These skewed views of teachers are the result of nothing more than the nativity by society of what it truly means to be a teacher. Because in truth, “watching a great teacher can feel like watching a magic show” (Goldstein, 2014, pg. 244).

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