Teachers Deserve More Credit, Plain And Simple Essay

Teachers Deserve More Credit, Plain And Simple Essay

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Teachers deserve more credit, plain and simple. After spending the majority of my life submersed in education, I find myself disgusted with the lack of awareness people have towards teachers. Not only are they mentors for youth, but they also handle every behavior known to mankind and are not paid nearly enough for their efforts. In my opinion, teachers should stand at the top of the scale when it comes to respect, and unfortunately, that is not the case.

Once children begin Kindergarten, they spend more time around teachers than they do their own parents. Naturally, teachers become mentors for the youth simply because they witness everything that happens behind the curtain of secrecy that lies between a parent and child. In that respect, teachers often know more about a child than a parent does and can provide adequate advice on how to handle situations. Although few people realize it, teachers shape children into the young adults they will become, often times more than a parent would. What differentiates that is desire. People do not willingly dedicate their lives to handling rowdy children unless they have a passion to make an impact. Unfortunately, some parents do not possess that similar passion. In that regard, children are blessed to have adults that care for them and their well being. A child is given the opportunity for success and guidance when he or she sets foot in a classroom, and that is an opportunity the child may not have had without the help of a teacher.

Teachers also handle the vast emotional behaviors that children entail. My Grandma, a former teacher herself, once told me that when it came to disciplining naughty students, a paper and pencil was more effective than a ruler. She said, “parents physically ...

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...eir importance. Without teachers, generations of people would not feel loved, challenged to discover new ways of doing things, dealt with, or had their potential recognized. Teachers are the ones that turn shy Kindergarteners into a confident adults. Teachers are the ones that guide children through emotional fatigue with patience and advice. Teachers are the ones that take unwanted children into their arms. Teachers are the lowest paid individuals on earth with the greatest success rates. When one decides to become a teacher, it is not for monetary incentive; a teacher has a dream and desire to help. In the eyes of teachers, every hopeless case is an opportunity for achievement. Teachers have a passion to create a brighter future for which future generations all will live, and for that reason, they deserve more credit. More respect. They simply deserve more thanks.

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