Teachers as the Foundation of Society Essay

Teachers as the Foundation of Society Essay

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As a young student I believe that an education is the most valuable thing that a person can have. Therefore, I believe that teachers are the soul foundation of our society. The job of the teacher is to educate as well as nurture the students to the best of their ability. Our society as a whole is constantly growing and changing; and this has a strong influence on our education system. Thus forth my philosophy is continuously evolving and growing; and as I continue to learn more about school districts, different children, and the psychology of learning I will continue to adjust my educational philosophy as well.
As a teacher I believe that we should give our students the tools that they need to find themselves and grow as individuals. My philosophical beliefs and ideas deal with humanism. Humanism emphasizes self actualization and helps students develop morals and values. If a student is able to find themselves they will develop healthy attitudes towards themselves and others. And as an individual it is important that you know how to maintain relationships and work well with other...

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