Teachers Are Striking For Save Public Education By Amy B. Dean Essay

Teachers Are Striking For Save Public Education By Amy B. Dean Essay

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Teachers have always been a tremendous asset to the growth of society and the growth of the future generations to come. They are the individuals who help guide the next generation, in fact, they are the ones that influence the way they think and behave about the world they live in. Therefore, they should be taken more seriously and more appreciated for the work that they do. For the past few years teachers have been looked down upon, due to the rise of strikes that have been occurring throughout the country. Hence, leading to Amy B. Dean’s article “Teachers are striking to save public education” to be written and to be shared with others around the country. The author discusses the struggles these teachers have been facing, the real reason behind the strikes that have been transpiring, and what their true motives or goals are in these strikes. Throughout the article, Amy B. Dean utilizes the three Aristotelian Appeals to her advantage to help communicate her message to the audience.
Furthermore, one of the three Aristotelian Appeals the author uses to help strengthen her claim that teachers are striking to save public education would be the usage of ethos. Amy B. Dean demonstrates her trustworthiness to the audience to represent that teachers are the one receiving the short end of the stick in these particular situations. Also, she presents her standpoint on the teachers’ strikes by supporting what they are standing for, which in turn makes the audience believe what she says must be true. For example, she critics the documentary “Waiting on Superman” that presented the teachers as the scapegoats of the situation. That it was unfair how they were being portrayed and that they did not ask one single teacher for their opinion. Amy ...

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...rting them, as well as applauding the teacher 's actions. Also, why the teachers should be encouraged of such actions and that they are not the ‘scapegoats’ that the media portrays them to be.
Overall, Amy B. Dean’s use of the Aristotelian Appeals helps send the message she is trying to convey and the purpose of creating such an article to the audience. As well, this article grants the readers an opportunity to educate themselves more on the situation being discussed and to change their perspective on the teachers striking. Also, another opportunity that this article grants to the audience is a chance to find a way to help better the situation if they choose to do so. The ultimate message of this article is that everything that these teachers do is for the betterment of the children because these children are the future of this nation and should be treated as such.

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