Teachers And Their Struggles Of The Public School System Essay

Teachers And Their Struggles Of The Public School System Essay

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Stevens, Seth
Teachers and Their Struggles

The public school system has been on a steady decline for over the past few years, and no one can seem to make a clear understanding on the reasons behind the decline(it). Some people believe the teachers are not handling themselves(in) the right way in the classroom while others believe the reason for the school failure is because of the reforms that are being created. In my own opinion, I believe that the reforms that are being created are the reason behind school failure. In certain situations, I believe the teachers could be some part of the reason why schools are unsuccessful, but I believe the way a school performs revolves around the rules and beliefs that are presented within that school system. My beliefs about the failing school systems are strongly persuaded by the beliefs of Diane Ravitch. Diane Ravitch has been trying to convince and persuade the country her reasons behind why the public school systems is failing, but she is battling against a strong candidate, Michelle Rhee, who also makes strong points that are very convincing on the school failure. Michelle Rhee and Diane Ravitch have been going back and forth extending their views to the public, but they both have very different beliefs and thoughts for public school failure.

Michelle Rhee, founder of Students First and former chancellor of Washington D.C., proposed the ideas of some reforms that need to be implanted in the school system to produce a change. The reforms that Michelle proposed consisted of teacher assessments that are created due to students outcomes, more school choices for parents, the school district budgeting tied to accountability will be improved, and also changes to teacher 's contracts that oft...

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...y Diane does not support these issues.

My support goes towards Diane. I believe a teacher should have their own views in the way they handle their students and classroom. A teacher will be more successful with her students if he or she does not have to teach to the test, and they can cover the material they think will be successful later on. I believe teachers are at fault right now and are being blamed for students being unsuccessfulunsuccsessful in the classroom. A teacher should not lose their job for students not putting forth the effort needed to be successful, as long as the teacher provides a rich, learning center for their students, they should always be given the chance to share their knowledge.
This paper was good with the amount of information you gave. Other than a few sentence errors, this paper was great to me because you stood out with you sources.

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