Essay about The Teacher That I Am With My Junior High Observations

Essay about The Teacher That I Am With My Junior High Observations

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The teacher that I am with for my junior high observations is not really a veteran teacher she’s only been teaching for a little over a year. She has a business background to tie in with her teaching experience. Her main goal for the year is to try to teach the class how to act in a classroom because they can barely stand to sit still in their seats. Her main rules are: be respectful, don’t throw things, keep your hands to yourself work quietly and be prepared for class. If the students break these rules they have to write them all and a paragraph of her choosing as many times as she marks on the sheet for disciplinary assignments. She is a very positive person and keeps track of mistakes, so she can fix them and become a better teacher.
This teachers first class is 8th grade they came into class very loud. The class starts out with a lunch count and board work to do while she takes attendance. Each grade has a folder with all their work for the quarter in it labeled by the date they did the assignment. The teacher also has a binder with all the board work printed out so if the students miss a day they can find it. Each hour also has a box to turn in their assignments that are due or that need to be turned in by the end of class. The students were finishing a skin sensitivity lab which implements the scientific method. This was a group project, but they had to make the conclusion of their research on their own. She has the class keep a folder and puts a list of what needs to be in it on the board, she gives them bonus points if they turn it in the day before it’s due. After they finish their sensitivity lab they have a study guide to work on for their test on Friday. She gives them clear and easily understandable directions to fo...

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...So toward the end of the hour she starts passing out paragraph sheets and they all argue with her that they did nothing wrong and she told them their due first thing tomorrow at breakfast or their double.
In conclusion, I commend her I wouldn’t be able to stand it if junior high students were in my class and couldn’t sit still. She works really hard with the students and deserves their respect not all the students give it to her though. She never forgot to make sure I had everything that I needed from her and always made sure I was doing ok. She gave me wonderful information and an experience I will never forget. I think she is a good teacher she even told me she is transferring to the high school there which I think fits her teaching style better and she agreed she said, that teaching that class was a great opportunity, but she thinks high school is more her thing.

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