The Teacher 's Impact On Student Learning Essay

The Teacher 's Impact On Student Learning Essay

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What do you understand about the teacher’s impact on student learning?
Teachers are the reason learning is possible today. They have the task of taking care of their students, faculty, and home life. They have to be well rounded and ready to face every obstacle that comes their way both in the classroom and outside the classroom. In the classroom, he/she takes responsibility of the students rather or not their parents are doing the same. During my observation hours, there was a student that didn’t test for an IEP, but definitely had a learning disability. His test scores were low and she had trouble understanding reading and when Mrs. G informed his parents about his shortcomings in the classroom, his parents didn’t do anything; they were in denial of their child’s disabilities, so she tailored her instruction to meet the needs of her students. Teachers have to be aware of what is going on in the lives of their students. Everyday students go home to diverse issues and circumstances that affect the way they learn in the classroom. Part of their role as a teacher is to be able to help students balance and cope with both home and school life. For example, when I was at Perkins Tryon Elementary school a student in one of the 2nd grade classes parents were going through a divorce. The student was extremely upset about the issue; he wanted to see his dad more often but the divorce only allowed him to see his dad on the weekends. The 2nd grade teacher would do small things like giving the student hugs, making checklist to count down the days he could see his dad, and she would try her best to make him feels comfortable at school. No only do teachers need to keeps close connections with the students, they must, also, keep positive rela...

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...ined, be teachable. When you go into a situation, allow yourself to be molded by another master teacher” was helpful. She really broke a lot of things down and gave a lot of helpful tips so I will not be ambushed with things when I start teaching.
However, the difficult things that I will have to encounter saddens my heart. The fact that I will encounter children not getting enough food, going through abuse, divorce, students getting bullied and so much more is disheartening. I sat in on a teacher meeting and heard about a student who was trying to commit suicide at the age of 10. It was terrible and it hurt to hear about it. I have a soft heart and I don’t look forward to the emotional rollercoaster to come. In addition, I am bittersweet about working with crazy parents. I have heard very interesting stories about parents and how irrational they can be.

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