The Teacher Of Mexican American Youth Essay

The Teacher Of Mexican American Youth Essay

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For my research review I will be going over a broad subject concerning teacher of Mexican-American Youth. I will be looking at how teachers affects Mexican-American Youth and their ability to teach, and willingness to learn about their student’s background over the course of the year. Teachers have an instrumental effect on their students, they are the reason why so many continue with their education or stop their education, they help create an atmosphere for their students that makes them want to work and learn, or they can create an atmosphere that is hard for the student to willingly learn.
This is especially important in bilingual students, with the amount of students coming into schools from different locations, by 2030s English Language Learners (ELLs) will be about 40% of the student populations, while in some places like California 60-70% of their students make up this demographic. (Roseberry-Mckibbin.) Based on that information, the demographic of Students in America would be increasing in ELLs, and teachers will have a big impact on their students, especially this demographic. Teachers expectations, how they teach, and what they teach has a big impact on students, as well as Mexican-American youth. I will be reviewing research that affects Mexican-American youth, and how teachers are a big part of their education in respect to their expectations of the students, how they teach Mexican-American, how they teach, and how their relation to the students.
Teacher Expectations
There are a lot of biases against Mexican-American youths, as well as stereotypes, as a teacher these biases cannot influence our expectations of our students. When some bilingual students are entering into school, the fact that they are bilingual may...

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... curriculum directly, but in ways in which she believed influenced her students nonetheless. Delia reported: “I just felt good. Like I could serve them well become I knew where they were coming from. Things I could relate to” (565).
Immigrant Children are sometimes depending on where they are, can have a lot of support and encouragement from teachers, McDonnell stated that “a significantly greater proportion of new immigrant students, in Los Angeles, are considered well motivated and ‘bright’ than are native-born students or more established immigrants.” (McDonnell. 73.) These students have been in the United States for less than three years, so the expectations that the students have are very high, but as we have seen in previous paragraphs, these expectations are not always kept, some students have even stated that just showing up to class was considered good. ()

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