The Teacher Is The Fountain Of All Knowledge Essay

The Teacher Is The Fountain Of All Knowledge Essay

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"The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge." 
1. What is your response to this statement? Why?
2. What is the perception of the roles of teachers and students in your country?
3. How is the learning environment structured and does it facilitate your learning? (By 'learning environment I am referring to situations within which learning occurs, such as lectures, seminars, group work, individual work, learning by rote.)
1. Teachers play an important role in education but the foundation for knowledge begins at home. which they can continue to build upon. Teachers can help enlighten and broaden knowledge by introducing concepts that can lead to the formulation of new ideas. I believe the teacher is a facilitator who guides and mentors students. As such, they possess the power to influence minds invoking learning as a fundamental necessity to exceed in life. It is a position of service that helps shapes society.

2. Opinions about educators in America are usually based on personal experience as a student or parent. Teachers are primarily viewed as leaders or mentors who by in large are responsible for the developmental learning of their students. They give lessons that can be used in and outside the classroom such as, appreciating the value of hard work or meeting deadlines, etc. It is often as a respectful but thankless profession with many believing they are not paid enough. In our society, much is asked or expected of teachers – especially in stages of early learning. For example, at the elementary and secondary level, they may spend a lot of time as disciplinarians and/or a social workers. Law mandates teachers report suspicion of abuse to local Children Services and criminal activity to law enforcement. Under such circumsta...

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...wer segment or physical interaction with the audience, successfully conveying and retaining the lesson increases.

Also rote learning is a major part in the pupil’s learning environment. Students grades in classes such as English, Science, and Social Studies are based on the ability to memorize facts and not necessarily on comprehension. This type of studying is encouraged. Some group work is incorporated into learning with students collaborating on projects. Presentations are made with each member of the group making some type of contribution.

Active learning in the classroom is growing as schools are moving away from old traditions and looking to improve teaching methods. Keeping students engaged has become a challenge. The number of students failing and dropping out of school and/or the US education ranking in the world have become determining factors for change.

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