The Teacher I want To Be Essay

The Teacher I want To Be Essay

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During the last three decades, our society has been modified through different elements. Beliefs, culture and values have suffered this change, too, and a very important agent has been identified as Technology. We are facing a new society, where Education and Knowledge look for strategies that can lead to a better situation. This new order makes everyone analyze everything that surrounds us, and consequently, it leads us to consider the future generations and their demands. Therefore, we have to think deeper finding that Teachers are an essential pillar in every culture. They are the responsible to teach our children, giving values and providing the necessary tools to be successful in today’s life. Tutors have to be in charge of educating these new learners and introducing them into the Knowledge’s Society. Thus, they will be promoting innovation, improvement, participation and inclusion. According to what it has been mentioned before, professors must be in continuing training and they have to update their knowledge. Every generation is different and the importance of renewing their methodologies is determining. A good teacher not only has to present a list of characteristics that represent what an excellent professional is, but also he or she has to integrate ICTs into the curriculum to create appropriate strategies to apply inside the classroom.
Chile is not exempted to these changes and to the relevance of updating the methodologies. In the report of MINEDUC, “Innovación y Calidad en la era digital, 20 años impulsando el uso de las TIC en la Educación” it is stated how, in 1992, an innovative project was created with a main objective, improving the existing Curricular Programs, providing didactic tools to Teachers and gave ...

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...t to integrate in my career as a Teacher. The professional I want to be is that one who is able to impact and create meaningful learning in their students with different tools. No matter the means of getting different results, while they are successfully achieved, even though, it will be much better if we put in practice these new resources that facilitate our task as Teachers.

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