Essay about Teacher Evaluations : Teachers And Teachers

Essay about Teacher Evaluations : Teachers And Teachers

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Principals have a lot on their job descriptions. One of those tasks principals must do is evaluate teachers. Some principals are good at doing this, while others are not so great because they lack the experience or put it off towards the end of their ever-growing list of tasks they must complete. In order for principals to make this a priority, they must do trainings related to teacher evaluations. I think school district need to do a better job at training school leaders get the proper training and use teacher evaluations to benefit both the teachers and students.
Teacher evaluations are very important. Most of the time, they have a negative feeling attached to them. Some teachers view evaluations as a way of them getting written up for what they are not doing and not as a way of growing and improving to help them teach their students. This also depends on how the principals frame and do teacher evaluations. I wanted to focus on teacher evaluations because I want to show how having a good teacher evaluation can lead to teacher and student growth in the school.
In order to understand how teacher evaluations can be positive, we need to look at their purpose and how districts do teachers evaluations. According to different articles written by Education Leadership, reformers many times neglect teacher evaluations as a tool to improve student learning, this is because most schools lack credible systems of measuring the quality of teacher’s work. (Toch, 2008). School districts require principals to go into classrooms and evaluate the teaching of students. Principals are provided with a checklist and a small space for writing observations. The biggest issue I find with this method is hey do not account for what happened before and after...

... middle of paper ... teachers on what they are not doing. The principal needs to set the example. Providing articles in the area they are working on is a great example. In the random walkthroughs, principals can write notes to acknowledge they observe the teacher improving is another great example. Principals can have a big influence on how teachers view teacher evaluations, it all depends on how the principals frames the evaluation process. Also, principals who do not feel they are strong at doing evaluations need to receive the proper training from their district or look for outside training. We need to use teacher evaluation to help student learn and help teachers grow not how they are currently used in most districts. Most people interested in becoming principals need to spend a good amount of time finding the best way they will use teacher evaluations to support teachers.

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