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Teacher And Staying A Teacher Essay

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Anything but Teaching
Becoming a teacher and staying a teacher can be quite the challenge. Most universities don’t adequately prepare students for the challenges they will be met with every single day. Most students are not informed of the good, the bad, and the ugly before becoming a teacher. Many students are not fully aware of the seriousness and stressfulness that goes hand-in-hand with their profession. Teaching can cause more stress than many other professions and is one the least valued professions to date. Students should be aware of the low salary wages, challenging interactions with their fellow staff members and parents, and the constant changes made in their field that can directly impact their classroom.
One of the more well-known reasons to not become an educator is because of the low salary wages. The job is highly demanding, with very little financial rewards or benefits. Teachers are put under constant stress trying to meet the needs of each individual student, with the pay not matching the workload. The pay is nowhere near being equivalent to the sheer amount of the time and effort teachers spend preparing for lessons. Teachers spend a significant amount of time outside of the classroom, both mentally and physically, in order to run a successful classroom. Tutoring, grading assignments, forming lesson plans, and keeping on task while trying to meet the state requirements is a large task for one person to take on with such little financial benefits.
Furthermore, it can be challenging to mentally “leave” the classroom in an attempt to separate your home and work life. Teachers spend a large amount of time trying accommodate each student’s academic needs which can take up a portion of their home life. Students s...

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...assroom, with very little financial reward or pay. Young teachers can be met with adversity from older, more experienced teachers as well as from students’ parents. This can be challenging as parents play a vital role in forming a child’s academic success. Overinvolved or apathetic parents can be severely damaging to student’s academic progress. Teachers and parents should collaborate to find possible solutions. Lastly, constant changes are being made in today’s education system which can be a daunting task for teachers to work around and overcome. Teachers are now forced to teach students to pass a standardized test rather than foster and encourage a love of learning. If a young, new student considering education as a career choice does not have a desire to “do good” in the world and have an internal drive to succeed, he or she should pursue anything but teaching.

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