The Taxable Distribution Of Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

The Taxable Distribution Of Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

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I can still recall my first sentence: “The taxable distribution of marijuana should be legalized in the United States.” Then I paused, almost accepting the fact that everyone was going to start jeering. I am still not able to ascertain why I wrote a speech on such a controversial topic, but there is no denying how immensely influential the experience was on my literacy.
Perhaps this narrative deserves slightly more background information. The year was 2010, I was in the eighth grade, and my scholastic life was changing drastically. I was transferring from an ordinary middle school that I found to be both educational and enjoyable, to an experimental school located in an old Victorian house. Having originally attended a school with over 500 students, the move to a two story house converted into a school was a situation with which I was highly unfamiliar.
During my first day, I entered the dining room (also known as our English classroom) and received my first assignment. All 20 students were told to write a persuasive essay on a topic of their choice. The topics were required to be highly debatable and widely contested. Therefore, I chose to write my essay on the legalization of marijuana. Although any factual information regarding the topic was unknown to me at the time, I assumed an act so rebellious in nature would garner me many new insurgent teenage friends. I merely wanted to write something no one expected. Besides, I would only be exposed to my class of about nine students; or so I thought.
After spending weeks researching the benefits of marijuana use and writing my succinct arguments, my persuasive essay was finally complete. My fellow classmates and I were all keen on turning in our written works, and moving on to...

... middle of paper ...

...ffington Post and NORML, I was not met with apprehension, but rather nods in agreement. By its conclusion, my speech was actually received with the greatest applause of all. I will never forget that night. Not because of the time and effort I put into the speech, or because of the courage it took to present my essay, but for what the experience taught me. That night I learned that even some of the most daunting tasks can be accomplished. Now when I have to give a presentation, I look back on that night and remember what I am capable of achieving. I like to think that the audience was solely applauding my efforts, and that my essay had truly affected their viewpoints. I sometimes wonder, however, if they were simply applauding the fact that the night was finally over, and the tedious presentations were finished. Perhaps in the end, going last worked to my advantage.

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